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Mustaches, drugs and the dark web

Call me nerdy, but the part I find interesting is how they used speech/writing patterns to identity him.  

On his way to beard-growing finals, he gets busted for dealing drugS

3rd Anniversary 

Happy Anniversary, angel.  Here’s to many more 🥂

Pre anniversary photo 1

Pre anniversary photo 2

I love this pic

Pre anniversary photo 3

Have to admit, the camel ride was fun

Pre anniversary photo 4

Getting a little help From Lindsay

Pre anniversary photo 5

Wednesday is my anniversary. I think I will post a pic every day leading up to it.  Here is my bride getting the reception hall ready the following year.  

"We control our actions, but the consequences that flow from those actions are controlled by principles"

-Stephen R. Covey

I don’t post much about the office, but yesterday’s embezzlement news was very eye-opening.


Found outside of the Detroit Hopcat, Midtown


Today at FCA, they are recognizing pride month with sherbert and a car in the tech center