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Well – this is a dorky blog post… but I’m a dork so I guess it’s fitting.

I am one of those that think the natives of this land had a pretty good idea for a society. All this western industrialization is cool, and I love learning sciences and other advancements – but really… are we happier than the American Indians were? Are we really a better society?  Sure – if I took away your computer and you’re TV and your microwave you would be screwed but that’s because you would still live in the western society. But if you lived in Colorado 800 years ago, I think there is a good chance you would be happy without all the “conveniences” western culture has brought us.

It seems to me that it is obvious that our culture does not make people happier than other cultures – IMO much less happiness. Why, then, is it never really questioned? Why don’t mass groups of people just drop everything and live off the land? To make it work – the whole nation would have to do it. Get rid of “ownership of land” and all that. Probably because to change the core of our system would be very painful…and now it’s a world-wide system.

The following paragraphs I lifted from – a site that seems to be studying the philosophies of Benjamin Franklin. It a good read.

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs seems to suggest that physiological needs (that is: breathing, eating, sleeping), and what he terms “safety needs” (which are security of body, employment, resources, property [!]), come together to create a “self-actualized” individual

Man is dominated by the making of money, by acquisition as the ultimate purpose of his life. Economic acquisition is no longer subordinated to man as the means for the satisfaction of his material needs. This reversal of what we should call the natural relationship, so irrational from a naive point of view, is evidently as definitely a leading principle of capitalism as it is foreign to all peoples not under capitalistic influence. At the same time it expresses a type of feeling which is closely connected with certain religious ideas. If we thus ask, why should “money be made out of men”, Benjamin Franklin himself, although he was a colourless deist, answers in his autobiography with a quotation from the Bible, which his strict Calvinistic father drummed into him again and again in his youth: “Seest thou a man diligent in his business? He shall stand before kings” (Proverbs 22:29). The earning of money within the modern economic order is, so long –>53–>as it is done legally, the result and the expression of virtue and proficiency in a calling

I find the concept of happiness interesting, how different people view it, how people persue it, etc..

anyway – came across this map.  Interesting, though I feel it has flaws.  It takes into account how “green” each country is – what that has to do with happiness I have no effing clue. 

The part I do find interesting is that politicians always use economic gages to measure “sucsess” (job rate, GDP, inflation, etc) when almost ALL polls show almost no correlation between happiness and a countries economic standing (DISCLAIMER:  this is only true once the country is above a certain poverty line – the extremely oppressed & poor are not happy)


Happiness is how you perceive your situation in life.   in general I have known a couple (few) people to exit a situation looking for “happiness” and I always wonder how happiness can just change like that.  If you are unhappy… how much is the spouse really to blame?  Will you really be happy alone? 

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