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I recently finished a book by Jeffrey Deaver.  Good story that takes place in Germany just before WWII.

This is an interesting topic for me – because many of the Germans at the time were not at all happy with what was going on.  There were several other parties trying to win.  At the beginning – the Party was in the vast minority as far as it’s stance on many issues.  But, after they took control or the govt, military & police departments – they slowly “taught” the youth to have the same ideals as their leader.

Long story short, it is very scary to me how a few people with a lot of power really can take control of a country from the inside out.  [looks around nervously]

In these political times – I have each of the two major parties try to compare their major opponent to the Nazi party (even though it wasn’t a party in the truest sense).  While I don’t think we are at that point – it sure seems feasible to me that we could be heading in that direction.

One of the issues that is supposed to counter-act this problem is the issue of gun control.  But I wonder what an armed civilian base could do again our police and military, if such group really were turned against us?  The technology that they have is so intense – and we are, for the most part, not trained to fight back.  Most of the militias were dismanteld during the Clinton era anyway.  I am glad that the supreme court decided that the 2nd admendment was meant for individuals to bear arms, not just poilce and National Guard. 

If anyone has ever been able to collect accurate data regarding violent crime statistics before/after looser CCW laws went into affect, please let me know.  I have not been able to find that kind of data domestically or at other pioneering countries like Australia.


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Garden of Beasts : A Novel of Berlin 1936 (Deaver, Jeffrey)
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