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Family Gatherings

Another graduation party today.   Love seeing family again!  Work/life balance is tough sometimes

Dog grin

This pooch gets some weird smiles

Golf outing

Rain finally stopped.  Thanks, AutoForm for hosting!

Product development 

They pioneered more then just production systems


It’s a little pricey, but cool.  


Today’s pic come from Royal Oak.  

Corpus Christi 

Today was the mass of Corpus Christi.  This could very well be Daniel’s last time alter serving here, moving on to DLS this fall. I have a soft spot for St Germaine, love the people here.  


Grad party today – thanks for the invite.  Congrats to all recent grads, at all levels.  May this transition be everything you want

The scar

So this is something I got when I was mid-high school.  It’s from a coke bottle, something between myself and, at the time, my step brother.  As the years drag on, the old man wrinkles are consuming it, but I still see it every morning.  


Giving a double-red today.  Saving lives and saving dies!