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Landscaping 1

Seems like the jobs are never complete at the house, inside and out

Clinton River

Starting near Pine Knob, this river winds through much of Oakland and Macomb counties.  It’s pretty filthy this far downstream, but I’ve seen some nice stretches

Daily photo 26

Warm one today.  Weekend was able to get some annuals in

Daily photo 25

This beer is hard to find.  Saturday downtime

Daily photo 24

Training training training.  Identifying the problem still the hardest part. 

Daily photo 23

Trying to Motivate, innovate, resuscitate, but without hyperventilate

Daily photo 21

Not quite the last one outta here….

Daily photo 20

We have not been very good about coming to scout meetings.  Tonight we make a rare appearance.   Can’t get him engaged in anything anymore.  Maybe a teen thing?

Daily Photo 19

Finishing the day at “Worlds Finest Custard”.  I don’t know if it’s the worlds finest but sure is good at the end of a hot day

Daily photo 18

I missed a photo yesterday so there two today.  Here is the Big Boy statue on Garfield and Hall.  You ain’t got a thing if ya ain’t got that bling.  What a great day out there