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Daisy Sampson

An excerpt from The Road Home by Daisy Sampson

A walk to school on a nice spring morning was like a gift from Mother Nature. Beautiful flowers were waiting to be picked: violets, wild sweet peas, wild roses, and an orange flower that we called Sweet Williams, in the Fall there would be purple gentians, golden rods, sunflowers, and more spring flowers. would be birds a-nesting galore. A pheasant would be scared off a full nest of eggs; meadow larks would run from their nests of speckled eggs; snakes would be slithering around the nests hoping to have a brunch. Coming home from school, the trip through the grove was another study in nature. The birds were all chattering their own songs, all at the same time. Brown Thrashers would be scared out of a full nest of speckled eggs. Their nests would be built low in a goose berry bush. There were many robins, grown and babies, with pieces of blue shells on the ground. Woodpeckers would be hammering on a rotten log, yellow flickers also, plus black birds....