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Daily photo 20

We have not been very good about coming to scout meetings.  Tonight we make a rare appearance.   Can’t get him engaged in anything anymore.  Maybe a teen thing?

Daily Photo 19

Finishing the day at “Worlds Finest Custard”.  I don’t know if it’s the worlds finest but sure is good at the end of a hot day

Daily photo 18

I missed a photo yesterday so there two today.  Here is the Big Boy statue on Garfield and Hall.  You ain’t got a thing if ya ain’t got that bling.  What a great day out there

Daily photo 17

It’s actually pretty rare that we get up and have breakfast.  We can thank a long Discount tire wait haha

Daily photo 16

A glimpse of one of the cube walls

My favorite is the Walken 

Daily photo 15

Quick, nutritional dinner before class.  Day two of jet lag is always the worst.  Last thing I need is night classes right now


Google knows what you search for.  Amazon knows what you like to buy.  Your cell phone logs your location (so do the photos you take and upload).

Philosophically, the argument against free will is the argument that you are only making choices based upon your personal experiences, the situation you are in, and your predisposition.  Of course you went to Applebee’s this week.  Given the choices available to you, that one fits your profile best.

As more and more of this information is shared on social media (and on collected on google, amazon, Netflix, your locational habits via cell and photo) and then compiled, sold and profiled, it might just be possible that an algorithm might know your destiny better than you do.

Thoughts?   If an entity really wanted to profile you… how accurate would it be?

Daily photo 14

Despite a little jet lag, I feel very good about the trip.  Broken showers, being trapped in the stairway, long flights and the disco Canadian.  Good times.  It’s difficult to have 7 people get along so well on vacation, we did wonderful.

Daily photo 13

Homeward bound on the Canadian greenway

Daily photo 12

On a bridge going over the Rhine, in Cologne, are these locks similar to the ones in Paris.  We added ours to it